Web Hosting Control Panel

A control panel is a popular tool used to manage your hosting package. You can do all sorts of things with it: manage your domain names, install applications, create and manage email accounts, upload website’s files

You can find lots of panels on the internet. All of them have different UI designs and scope of features.

  1. Plesk
  2. cPanel
  3. Direct Admin
  4. Webmin
  5. ISPmanager

The Best Web Hosting Control Panel

Web Hosting Control Panel

Available for Windows and Linux. It’s also quite popular, especially amongst European hosting providers. Basically

Another peculiarity of Plesk are the login levels. There are 4 levels. All of them have different permissions and responsibilities:

  • Administrator – the highest level, possible to manage and set up system items as well as manage multiple servers (if applicable);
  • Client/Reseller – possible to create and manage groups of domain names, permissions are given by system administrator;
  • Domain Owner – possible to manage only one domain name, management options are predetermined;
  • Mail User – the lowest level, possible to log in to webmail interface and manage passwords, spam filters etc.

Plesk and cPanel. panels are the most popular and commonly used panels worldwide. However, there are still dozens of them. Some companies create their own control panels for their customers

PikoHost server also controls panel using Plesk. its really awesome UI/UX and easily controlling

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