The privacy policy term of web hosting PikoHost is:

We assure you about the information you share with us, for various purposes, how we collect them and what types of information they are so that you be informed about the security of your valuable personal details shared with us.

PikoHost web server may collect information about valuable clients from,

  • Our website
  • The email you send us
  • We communicate via social media
  • From direct call
  • Through direct registration, event or workshop

We keep your data:

  • Name, address, phone number
  • Demographic information
  • Date and time of visiting our site
  • Your interest regarding our provided services

Do you store my credit card information your web server?

No, we do not store any credit/debit or other financial information. Please note that when you pay to us by credit card we will not receive any information. Only the Bank registered with Bangladesh Govt. can handle credit card information. We use a trusted payment gateway. to proceed card payment and this gateway sends directly to make payment online.

Will you ever sell my details to another company?
Absolutely not! PikoHost Web Hosting We will never sell or share your information with a third-party not outlined on this page.